Latin Lesson

Cena, cenae, feminine, means dinner.
Epistula, epistulae, feminine, means letter.
Litterae, literaum, feminine, also equals letter.
One littera is one letter of the alphabet.
Gratia, gratiae, feminine, equals gratitude.
Do not confuse it with gratus, grate, gratum, which means pleasing.

All of us are gonna have to help each other out.
So, like, you’re gonna, that’s never gonna happen.
We’re always gonna ask you, “Are you okay?”
Are you stressed?”

Where was I for the last few months? Doing something.

And . . . action.
And cut. Not that far down.
Eventually work your way down.
But at first you got to grab him a little higher.

I. . . I need to grab him a little higher?

Valeo, valere, valuis, valentis, no, sorry, valenteris.
Be strong, be well.
Video, videre, vidi, visus, see.

I wish you luck on your trip.
It’s a shame you aren’t gonna be here longer.
Although, you know you could give me a reason to come to Romania.

If you’re annoyed by me talking to you,
If you are annoyed by, like, Janice talking by you,
Get up.
Go to the bathroom for a couple of minutes.
And just splash your face with water and just breathe.

Interrogative words.
Cur, why.
Ubi, where, when.
Quomoto, how.
Quot, how many.
Quam dui quot, don’t know.

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