March 24, 2018, SF Bay Area

The children are here and they are not going away.  Powerful youth voices from the Bay Area March for Our Lives Rally in San Francisco includes 9th grader Maya Segal, one of the event organizers, 6th graders Dylan and Charlotte Dodson, Ayia Abraham, freshman at Margory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, Justin Walton, the 16 year old Oakland rapper JWalt, 16 year old Mission High School student King Derrick, Derrick Benaiah, from San Francisco’s Violence Prevention Program United Playaz, Cimone Powell, student at San Francisco’s Ruth Asawa School for the Arts and currently living in the Bay View, 16 year old Kai Levenson-Cupp from Alameda, and 17 year old spoken word poet Maya Trassini. Also speaking at the rally was youth  advocate Leo Mercer from Mercer Brotherhood encouraged adults to take more time to listen what kids really need.  “It’s something as simple as just talking to people, talking to young people. What’s going on with you? Oh, this is going on with me. Ok, let me see how I can support you.”

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