Oakland Evening Serenade

“Oakland Evening Serenade” is an 8’25” sound poem derived from an October 9, 2020 field recording on a ZOOM H2n. This piece is a good example of how the auditory sense provides a rich channel for opening the imagination because what is heard can be open to interpretation. Sometimes I edit and paste raw footage, but I do not change the quality of the sound as recorded. Sometimes I use collage to weave a sound composition. “Oakland Evening Serenade” is the straight raw recording, minus some clicks that occured during the recording process. If you enjoyed “Oakland Evening Serenade” for its imaginative nature, you might also like “In the Quilt of Southern France,” “Thirteenth Floor,” “Nylons in the Fog” and “42.”

I offer deep gratitude to Bernie Krause’s The Great Animal Orchestra and Trevor Cox’s The Sound Book for their recognition, research, and protection of the auditory landscape.

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