In the sound composition “Time” the Sixteenth Century eglise of Bastide de Bassoues in the Midi Pyrenees of France meets a stairwell in the Musée des arts et métiers in Paris meets Southern Appalachian curios.  The silent parts are not silent.  Please use headphone/buds.


Between is a sound composition that recognizes and foregrounds the informal asides.  It is adapted from  my 2013 recording of a reading of Renata Ewing’s “The Voyage of Margaret Saville and Other Poems Concerning Frankenstein’s Creature.”  Please use headphone/buds.

Whiskey Down

A composition on the mid-morning weekday rising of New York City including breakfast orders from the Red Flame Diner on West 44th Street near 6th Avenue and construction and street sounds from East 30th Street between Lexington and 3rd Avenue and the Marianne Boesky Gallery on West 24th in Chelsea. The composition title derives from … More Whiskey Down

Latin Lesson

Cena, cenae, feminine, means dinner. Epistula, epistulae, feminine, means letter. Litterae, literaum, feminine, also equals letter. One littera is one letter of the alphabet. Gratia, gratiae, feminine, equals gratitude. Do not confuse it with gratus, grate, gratum, which means pleasing. All of us are gonna have to help each other out. So, like, you’re gonna, … More Latin Lesson