Two Urban Orchestras: San Francisco and Habana

Two Urban Orchestras: San Francisco and Habana presents the vitality of two urban acoustic ecologies, where animals and noise each carry a signature as part of the soundscape score of the ecosystem.  These signatures provide unique voices and rhythms within which life occurs.  With credit to the bioacoustician Bernie Krause. Part I:  Lapidge Alley on … More Two Urban Orchestras: San Francisco and Habana

How Old You Are

If you spend a lot of time thinking how old you are You Put away Many days So you don’t Have the Days to think about. My mother, Anne G. Perry, in 36 seconds, on the practicalities involved when aging.

Redwood Creek, Muir Woods

While tour brochures for Muir Woods National Monument mention the murmurings of Redwood Creek, I found a far more rich, sonorous language of resonance, roil, rush, roar, and dappled run. Come walk amongst the Redwood ecology of this forest 12 miles North of San Francisco, with the wildlife and other visitors.


42 is a sound composition in music box, doll, tone pipes, shaker, wine glass, whistle, human breathe, and vocal tone.  It is dedicated to The Writing Group of Colleen Lookingbill, Sari Broner, Ai’fe Murray, Renata Ewing, and myself.