This Direct Action Brought To You By the Letter ‘L’

“You can totally say ‘no,’ but may I take your picture?  I’ve never seen a hat like that.”  I hold up my now wind-bent androgynous family decal-in-a-red-circle sign.  It is July 2, 2018, two days after hundreds of thousands across the country demonstrated for #FamiliesBelongTogether.  I am heading to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services … More This Direct Action Brought To You By the Letter ‘L’


March 24, 2018, SF Bay Area The children are here and they are not going away.  Powerful youth voices from the Bay Area March for Our Lives Rally in San Francisco includes 9th grader Maya Segal, one of the event organizers, 6th graders Dylan and Charlotte Dodson, Ayia Abraham, freshman at Margory Stoneman Douglas High … More #ListenToThem

Thirteenth Floor

Please use headphones/buds and let your imagination go.  Recorded August 26, 2017, San Francisco; September 29, 2017, Athens, OH; and January 29, 2018, Grace Cathedral, SF.  Thank you to Sound Healing Symphony, in this cut featuring Marco Ferrero, Loriel Starr, Xenia Giollo and Celine Rezvani, gong and Russell Feingold, didgeridoo.