I believe the auditory sense provides a rich channel for opening the imagination because what is heard can be open to interpretation. The act of interpreting becomes a healthy experience of storytelling for the listener. I make all my sound art from field recordings on either a Zoom H2next or a Marantz PMD660 recorder. Sometimes I edit and paste the raw footage, but I do not change the quality of the sound as recorded. Sometimes I use collage to weave a sound composition, sometimes I use the straight raw recording. I upload sound pieces as I continue to create them, so storytellinginsound is a growing collection of audio experiences. I have released recordings with Sonic Terrain’s World Listening Day 2014 , Sonic Terrain’s World Listening Day 2015 – H2O, WPRB’s 25 Hour Holiday Radio Show, and on February 1, 2016 I will be featured on the online audio art gallery, The Listening Booth at http://thelisteningbooth.co.uk/ .  You can also find me at soundcloud.com/jane-p-perry.

I also write.  I collage found materials, both sound and writing, into my art. Using an ethnographic, storytelling style, I have written on the importance of play in early childhood, Occupy Oakland, and familyhood.  I have published with Teachers College Press, Pearson Education, American Journal of Play, National Association for the Education of Young Children, Wayne State University Press, Huffington Post, Daily Kos, redroom.com, indybay.org, and The Mother is Me.

Listen to Echo Bridge, by Jane P. Perry:

From [STR 013] WLD 2014 – Dimension, Echo Bridge is an acoustic poem composition in human voice, bottle, the Charles River, and birdsong I recorded May 2014 at Echo Bridge on a ZOOM H2n. Composition included cutting, copying, pasting, and layering of the raw field recording with no alteration of the sound as recorded. Echo Bridge in Newton Upper Falls, Massachusetts, USA, is identified in Trevor Cox’s The Sound Book. Built in the 1870’s over the Charles River, the refractive audio effect of this aqueduct gave the bridge its name.

Inside Yoko Ono’s Bag Piece, by Jane P. Perry:

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